IMPAC-T Installed Landslide Monitoring System at Khao Phanom , Krabi Province


Landslides are one of the most dangerous disaster in Thailand. Area with landslide hazard can be found in many parts of the country.  Accurate rainfall data are required to assess chances of  landslide in risky areas. However, most areas rely on rainfall data collected at certain place where equipment can be conveniently installed such as a district office.Bouncy Castle For Sale It is known that rainfall observed closer to the place where landslide is triggered, such as on top of the mountain, can be significantly different, which greatly affects the landslide hazard assessment procedure.

To be able to assess risk and response in timely manner, rainfall data should be collected from an area as close to a source of  landslide as possible. Hence, any traditional methods that required human staff to check and record rainfall data manually from rainguages are not preferable because it is both risky and time-consuming




Dr. Sutisak Soralump and  Dr. Chaiporn Jaikaew researchers from landslide and telemetering  group of  IMPAC-T  present the deployment of a low cost wireless communication for landslide hazard assessment. In addition , a  debris flow detector is attached to the wireless unit located near landslide trigger location, so that iwc replica an alarm will immediately go off  when  the debris flow is detected. The system has been initially deployed in the village of  Huay Nam Kaew, located in district of  Khao Phanom , Krabi Province , Southern Thailand. This area has been damaged by large landslides in 2011.