Greeting from Project Manager

2013-10-12_092813Hello and welcome to the website of IMPAC-T  (Integrated Study on Hydro-Meteorological Prediction and  Adaptation to Climate Change in Thailand) which is the cooperated research project among Thai and Japanese researchers .  My name is Nontawat Junjareon and I am both project manager and webmaster.

If you are new to IMPAC-T  then I suggest that you visit ABOUT IMPAC-T first  so you can get to know us and learn more about our works. The highlight of our website is TODAY’S CHAOPHRAYA River which consists of two parts ie , Flood Risk Information (cooperated with FRICS, Japan)  and Hydro-Meteorological Condition . These parts are updated everyday.  Next go to DATA CENTER section , you can see our earth observation data  which mostly are realtime. In the HYDROLOGICAL MODELS section , mentioned  about  two main Hydrological Models using in IMPAC-T  ie , H08 and SiBUC . The PUBLICATIONS  and  RESEARCH ACTIVITIES  are output of IMPAC-T.  The NEWS and EVENTS section contains our important public concerned activities or social applications and also news about climate change/flooding  happening all over the world.  The RECENT POSTS news  cartier replica are also highlighted with pictures in central area of website.

In the E-LEARNING section, you can learn basic knowledge about climate change and water.  MEMBERS LOGIN part is reserved  for internal communication and working  among  IMPAC-T researchers.

IMPAC-T was started in year 2009 under supporting from JST/JICA . Even though the project  will be ended in March, 2014 , we still keep our website alive because climate change and flooding are hot issues for all countries today and in the future.

I hope you enjoy browsing through our website. I promise that you will feel welcomed by all and if you need a personal guide, feel free to approach me at any of our services and I will be happy to show you around.


Mr. Nontawat Junjareon

Climate Change Data Center, Kasetsart University, Bangkok

e-mail :