Rainfall Observation by Sattellite

Team Name:
Rainfall Estimation Model in Thailand based on Satellite Observations and Its Applications

1. Dr. Mongkol Raksapatcharawong
2. Mrs. Watcharee Veerakachen

In this research, we proposed and validate an algorithm for rainfall estimation in Thailand from satellite data by which cloud top temperatures (IR1) are derived directly by processing FY-2C/D/E raw data received from DVB-S system. The relationship between IR1 data and rain rate collected from Thailand Meteorological Department (TMD), in the Choaphraya basin will be analyzed. This model provides rainfall nowcasting which can be used as continuous and realtime input for both flood monitoring and drought assessment applications. We also validate GsMAP (Global Satellite Mapping for Precipitation) over the same area as it is globally used for near realtime precipitation data, to compare its performance with our proposed model.parco gonfiabili

1. (submitted to) Performance evaluation of Global Satellite Mapping of Precipitation (GSMaP) products over the Chao-Phraya River Basin, Thailand, HRL.