SATREPS (Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development) is a new program that was established by the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs/JICA and MEXT/JST in Japan to address global issues through the promotion of science and technology, international cooperation, and capacity development. With the support from SATREPS program, the “Integrated Study on Hydro-Meteorological Prediction and Adaptation to Climate Change in Thailand (IMPAC-T)” project was established in 2008.

The mission of IMPAC-T project is to propose with the vision of providing scientific basis for Thailand’s decision-making support system for adaptation strategies that address water-related issues, specifically those caused or exacerbated by climate change in Thailand. IMPAC-T project embraces a transdisciplinary approaches to research that bring academia, operational agencies, and funding agencies in Thailand and Japan, together to enhance earth observations for understanding climate change, and develop natural-anthropogenic integrated water resources models for predicting future hydrological changes associated with social and climate changes.