IMPAC-T International Symposium “Coping with Climate Change Effects by Science and Technology”

Coping with Climate Change Effects by Science and Technology”

27-28  January 2014 , The Westin Grande Sukhumvit , Bangkok, Thailand

In recent years, flood disasters occurred frequently all over the world, which have caused huge social and economic losses, for example, the 2011 flood in Bangkok and Central of Thailand,  the 2012 flood in India , Indonesia and China,    and  during the mid  of  2013,  floods swept central and eastern Europe and caused huge losses in Germany, Russia, Austria and the Czech Republic.  Although various kinds of measures Breitling Replica have been taken to avoid or mitigate flood disasters, such as heavy investment on flood Omega Replica control construction, there is still an obvious increasing tendency of the frequencies and magnitude of flooding.

Flood is a natural occurrence caused by abnormal climate, whereas flood disaster is caused by land reclamation on the high-risk zone of floodplains. Three phases can be set in the developing process of the relationship between mankind and flood: first was in the agricultural society era, called “damming water with earth”, which reflected a thought of cartier replica passive defending in a limited area. The second appeared in the industrial society era, called “man can conquer nature”, which reflected a thought of comprehensive harnessing and actively controlling. Nowadays, Omega Replica Watches we are facing the third phase in this new knowledge information era, which can be called “coping with climate change effect by science and technology”, as the theme of this symposium.

Kasetsart University, Royal Irrigation Department, Thai  Meteorological  Department  and University of Tokyo (UT, Japan , have started up a collaboration in research in the field of climate change and water management  since year 2009.   The Omega Replica Watches name of project is  “Integrated Study on Hydro-Meteorological Prediction and Adaptation to Climate Change in Thailand” (IMPAC-T) which is supported from JST and JICA.  As part of this project, we organize an international symposium on  “Coping with Climate Change Effects by Science and Technology”

The main purpose of the seminar is to disseminate final research products from IMPAC-T  to public and give guidance to future activities and to help incorporate the flood pulse concept into policy and management and also to  promote exchange and cooperation amongst academic institutions, government agencies, and engage in participatory flood management and climate change

The symposium will be held at The Westin Grande Sukhumvit , Breitling Replica Watches Bangkok, Thailand  during 27-28  January 2014