Opening Ceremony of IMPAC-T Climate Change Data Center


   Since 2009, Thai and Japanese Researchers have been working on how to capture the climate change and how to adapt to its negative effects under IMPAC-T Project, sponsored by JICA and JST.At the Bouncy Castle completion of the project,  IMPAC-T want to share the final product, Integrated Water Related Information breitling replica watches System, where all observed hydro-meteorological data, simulation models and forcing data for future climate change prediction and other research outputs are all compiled.

The official opening ceremony of Climate Change Data Center was held on 24 January 2014  by Assoc.Prof. Vudtechai Kapilakanchana, President, Kasetsart Omega Replica University and  Mr. Shuichi Ikeda, Chief Representative, JICA Thailand Office. The Data Center was located on 9th floor of Building #9  , Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University.