From IMPAC-T, we have now moved forward to ADAP-T

Based on the success of IMPAC-T, another new project call “ Advancing co-design of integrated strategies with adaptation to climate change in Thailand (ADAP-T) ” was proposed, approved, Bouncy Castle and will officially start from April 2016 under SATRPS, as well. ADAP-T aims to support all the stakeholder in Thailand to hublot replica watches develop resilient and sustainable solutions for climate change, and incorporate plans into the Climate Change Master Plan of Thailand, which would be probably revised in 2020 corresponding to the Paris Agreement of UNFCCC adopted in December 2015. ADPAD-T will focus on six sectors, namely freshwater, forest, sediment, coastal, urban and rural, for adaptation studies. A knowledge base system for climate change will be further developed based on the heritage from IMPAC-T, and will support the research activities in the 6 sectors. The result will be integrated into a comprehensive adaptation plan through co-design among all the stakeholders, such as governmental officers, citizens, and researcher in Thailand with interaction with JICA and Japanese researchers.